Restart in the New Normal. We will hear these words a lot in the months ahead. It will make the books as a historical marker of our times.

So much of our lives has changed in only a few weeks - how we work, how we play, how we learn, how we buy, how we live and even how we die.

What we really mean, what will last is this: that our world needs to be renewed, that we need people who are capable of renewing themselves first and foremost, and then they can renew the world around them.

Who will lead this charge of humanity? Who will help leaders restart the people who will restart our companies, our communities, our country?


Why do this. How it works. How to get started.
Meet our Ignite Partners and get a feel
for what it's like to be part of our team.

The first 9 minutes starts with a surprising story from 1975 that can serve as a beacon for our times.
The next 25 minutes are a sweeping tour of the Partnership Track from Ignite Founder Andre Yap.
Miguel Aranaz takes over minutes 34-60 to take us on a tour of our flagship solution RESTART.APP.
The last 30 minutes, we are joined by Ignite partners Joana Alberto, Grax Kagahastian and
Aileen Gutierrez who shed light on their corners of Ignite.
We wrap with a quick reminder about next steps and how to get started.

is laid out in 10 steps below.

Expand each layer to learn more
about what you will need
and what's in it for you
every step of the way.

Just add your own flavor.


    I can make good money using my strengths and network. All I need I already have!


    It's easy. I follow a step-by-step process, with toolkits every step of the way.


    When I need help, I have a solid team of good guys to support me.


    I will help important people in important organizations do the most important things.


    I will make a difference in the lives of hundreds, thousands, even millions of Filipinos.


    I can channel all this into lifelong growth and impact - a lifetime of Ignite. I will take many others with me.


    I will live my deepest truth and so fulfill my highest potential and greatest promise.


    As Partner-In-Residence, your role is to use your access to leaders and decision makers in order to fast-track Ignite's entry into our target organizations.


    Your Partner Track kicks off with a residency program that gets you on a 6-figure monthly earning track starting Month 1; for the very best of you, 7-figure months are very doable. 100% of compensation during residency is performance-based.


    The path from Partner-In-Residence to full Partner depends on how fast we can establish a strong sense of mutual fit, based on performance and shared values. In our experience, this usually takes 2-3 months.



    PH Top 200 biggest companies, who employ thousands of Filipinos and have a strong market presence through their brands. Minimum number of employees: 200.



    Chairman; CEO; C-Suite; Heads of Sales, Marketing, HR; other senior execs.


    As Partner-In-Residence, your role will focus on these 2 areas:


    1. Engage target decision makers in conversations that nurture strong interest in buying RESTART solutions.
    2. Endorse target decision makers to Ignite Business Development Team, who will negotiate and close the contract. We may ask for your support in this latter process insofar as further access to or engagement with decision makers may be needed.
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    They're human too, and it's never been lonelier at the top. Pause and reflect on the humanity of leadership in these times. No man or woman alive today has been here before; there is no playbook for how to restart, how to survive, how to thrive in this kind of situation. Hundreds, thousands, in some cases, millions of lives are weighing on the solitary shoulders of these leaders. They can use all the help they can get.


    As Ignite Partners, our role is to assure leaders we are here to help them do the most important to-do for their organization: to restart the people and teams who will restart their business.


    Leaders do not have to stand alone.


    Some might call this the Elevator Pitch. Our goal is not to close a deal, but to keep it simple and compelling enough that leaders will want to hear more about RESTART.

    Following is a suggested introduction. We strongly recommend you use this as a guide and add your own personality.


    I'm a Partner-In-Residence at Ignite House. Our RESTART solutions are built for business leaders like you - to help you restart the people and teams who will restart your business for the new normal.


    Specifically, RESTART is a Day 1-100 Operating System. Which means, from Day 1 to 100, RESTART will help you win these 2 critical areas:


    First, RESTART will help you not just to retain, but to grow your customer base by staying relevant to them in the new normal.


    Second, RESTART will help you strengthen your financial and business viability with products, services and solutions that align your entire value chain with the new normal.


    These are your 2 Key Results Areas for RESTART DAYS 1-100, delivered through a mix of software, media, and data-driven services on the cloud.


    So RESTART works - whether you're physically back to the office or you're still social-distancing and WFH.


    The key to these 100 Days of RESTART is to get 100% of your workforce fired up and contributing from Day 1. That's why we built RESTART so you can power it on in 60 seconds and for only P988 per person per month.


    Are you available on (Day, Date, Time) so I can show you specifically how RESTART can help you? It usually takes me only 30 minutes - when leaders see what RESTART can do for them, it's a very easy conversation from there...




    Because so much has changed. How we work, how we play, how we learn, how we live, how we love, how we buy, what we value. Multiply these changes across our stakeholders: from our workforce, up and down our ranks; all across our value chain, from product, operations, marketing, sales, after sales and service; all the way to our partners in supply chain and distribution; and in so many ways, all the changes these changes affecting our customers. What new challenges have been created, but also what new possibilities?

    The New Normal will demand a new operating system.





    RESTART is engineered to deliver and measure these key wins:

    • How many solutions are we able to bring to market that allows us to retain and grow our customer base? And how fast are we at doing this within Days 1-100?
    • How many solutions are we able to bring to market that allows us to improve our financial and operating numbers especially by aligning our products and services to the realities of the new normal? And how fast are we at doing this within Days 1-100?
    • How many of our people are actively involved in the above processes? What is the intensity and distribution of involvement across ranks and functions in order to maximize the quantity, quality and velocity of problem-solving and birthing solutions within Days 1-100?

    Strategic Intent: to make the decision maker feel that we understand the challenges they are going through and that the solutions we're about to share with them are precisely engineered to address their core challenges.



    A web-based operating system
    to help individuals, teams and organizations
    survive and thrive in chaotic change.


    Refocus people away from so many things out of their control (fear, stress, anxiety, etc.) and towards 24/7 practices that place Peak Performance fully within their control.


    Refocus teams away from the deathly trap of product-centric problem-solving and business-as-usual towards 24/7 practices that help 100% of the workforce bring new normal solutions to market fast


    Leave no one behind. When you’ve tried your level best and still you need to layoff people. Or when you have stars on the bench.


    Give brands a powerful way to help others restart – by extending RESTART to SMEs, non-profits and individual consumers. Exclusive vertical sponsorships available for key industries.

    This is where we can grow into full partnership. As you have by this point become very familiar with our solutions, you will also have ample opportunities to get to know Ignite – who we are, what we stand for, the vision, mission and values at the core of what we do.

    1. Submit this Partner Track form.
    2. Complete Partner Track Interview.
    3. Sign Partner Track agreement.

      5 sentences max.

      Uniquely at the nexus of corporate, innovation, venture capital, and igniting all we touch to their greatest promise.

      You’ve never met anyone like us.

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      The 4 Foundational Growth Streams - Customer Centricity Science, Innovation Science, Collaboration Science, and Purpose Science - operationalized, measured, and scaled as daily practices of your workforce and applied to the unique realities of your markets and teams.




      Growth practiced daily – driven by presence, empathy, and humanity at the core of customer relationships and the fuel for all growth and innovation.




      Growth practiced daily – driven by innovation practices operationalized as a way of life and integrated into the way we work.




      Growth practiced daily – driven by open networks that break silos and give people the ability to collaborate based on strengths, aspirations, and needs.




      Growth practiced daily – driven by people unleashed to pursue their greatest potential, who continuously discover and apply the full force of their gifts and compassions in ways that advance the company’s mission.


      [% WORKFORCE]


      Growth practiced daily – driven by the number of employees and key stakeholders
      concurrently practicing the 4 Growth Streams


      At Ignite, we know these to be true:

      First, that I am gifted with my own Genius –
      unique, unrepeated and unrepeatable
      for all time.

      Second, that my singular Genius bears
      the thumbprint of Who I Am and Why I am Here.

      Genius points to Purpose, Purpose to Genius.

      Third, that I can only give out
      of what I have been given.
      And what I have been given,
      I must give and live for others.

      Genius finds its fullness in Service –
      a Purpose bigger than self.

      Fourth, that if I am honest and brave,
      my Genius and Purpose will find
      their manifest call in a shared Mission –
      with others, for others.

      A Mission rooted in finding
      that particular slice of humanity
      whose particular pains
      I am particularly gifted
      (and compelled!) to heal.

      Fifth, that shared Mission
      leads naturally to Collaboration.

      Shared Mission demands
      Shared Genius: mine, yours, ours.

      If we are a collection of our own Genius –
      each unique, unrepeated, unrepeatable –
      where then can we go, but to Innovation.

      We Ignite, therefore, not just for self,
      but for each other.

      Because what we are born to do,
      we are born to do with others
      and for others.

      We need each other’s Genius.
      And far beyond Genius,
      we need each other to be on this journey,
      to fulfill this necessary progression:
      from a sense of our own individual
      Genius, Purpose, and Service (GPS)
      toward shared Mission and Collaboration,
      and ultimately, to Innovation and Impact.

      This is the path of transcendence.

      This is how we lift each other
      to heights we never in our wildest dreams,
      or loftiest ambitions, dared.

      RESTART app