Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #1

11 AUGUST 2020

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Meet our community and tour the app, algorithms and calendar of 100+ community events that will power you and your teams to next level breakthroughs in 100 days.

Meet our community and tour the app, algorithms and calendar of 100+ community events that will power you and your teams to next level breakthroughs in 100 days.

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I am addicted to innovation. For me, innovation is like an unstoppable river – it flows not just in my work, but in everything I do and especially in everything I enjoy doing. It’s what allows me to find joy in the old and familiar while using fresh lenses. Innovation is the sincerest desire that my hands, eyes, mind, and heart will always strive for in order to find greater and deeper relevance. Relevance is the life force that allows me to continually renew the world, and be renewed by the world. Innovation is the capacity to stay relevant and it allows me to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with the human and societal problems I encounter as well as the people who suffer them. Innovation makes me happy; it makes me feel like I am part of the ongoing and everyday miracle of creation.

So, it is very much in this spirit of innovation and staying relevant and falling in love with problems that over the course of 100 days, we will meet many wonderful people, from all walks of life and of work and you’ll be surprised at how different we are from each other, yet in many ways connected. From each one of us, you will hear candid stories, that each in our own way is our deeply personal response to one of life’s most important questions right now, which I will pose to all of us today.

Andre Yap
Founder & CEO
Ignite House


Everyone has their own. What is mine? What are the most meaningful breakthroughs I want for myself and my teams in the next 3-6 months? Who among my stakeholders (customers, colleagues, workforce, partners, community, investors, etc) will benefit most if I break through? What is the impact of my breakthrough on them? How will their lives be better in meaningful ways because of my breakthrough?

RESTART 100-Day Community of Practice

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All of us have a next level breakthrough, my next peak, your next peak, the next peak of many others. These breakthroughs are all about relevance: right now the people all around us – our customers, colleagues at work, partners, suppliers, distributors, channels, neighbors, community and society – are depending on us in very different ways than they did even just 100 days ago. With so much sweeping, lasting, and painful change, the truth is that if we have not changed, if we have stayed the same, if we’re not working and hustling our way to break through to our next level, then we have become irrelevant. The New Normal is challenging us to break through to our next peak, and wherever and whatever our next peak is, none of us are going to get there alone. That’s what this community is for. There are no highways, no roads, no rules to how we will achieve our next peaks, because none of us have ever been through this. After all, when we break through, we smash through limits and boundaries we’ve never crossed before.


CHANGE will measure how I can reinvent myself to stay relevant in the new normal. My level of relevance will be influenced by my answers to the following questions:

(C) COMMUNITY: How ‘valuable’ is the community that I will be joining? Will I be able to meet ‘real’ and diverse people that can help reshape my thinking?

(H) HELP: How can I rid myself of the solo mentality and instead openly and humbly collaborate with others in areas where help would be great?

(A) ADAPT: How fast am I adapting to and embracing the new normal?

(N) NEW OPPORTUNITIES: How many and what type of opportunities am I exposing myself to?

(G) GPS: How much time and effort do I invest in rediscovering and reactivating my GPS?

(E) ENVIRONMENT: How are the people around me (e.g. bosses, peers, leaders, etc.) taking care of me? Are they adding value to how I think and feel in this new normal? Or are they adding to my stress, worries, and anxiety?


Everyone is on this quest for what’s next? It isn’t just about business continuity but more of what I can do personally or what my business can do next. There is a general optimism and excitement within the community about all of the opportunities that can be done in this new environment. It seems that the definition of scale has to be reframed in the new normal, starting with more localized solutions that can be scaled in communities rather than scaled nationwide.


Though the collaborators’ stories may be different they converge towards a single place – relevance. How do you stay relevant during constantly-changing times?


This difficult time made you and me irrelevant. What’s happening to us and to the world is so much bigger than us. It’s painful and it’s humbling, and that indeed, “all we are is dust in the wind.” But, if we didn’t change in the last couple of months, we’ve become irrelevant. If we don’t hustle and work hard to reach our peak, our breakthroughs, we’re not living our life according to our purpose. Reaching our peak and the breakthroughs is not the point, rather we need to hustle to reach them in order to better serve our stakeholders who are in need, the confused leaders, the less powerful, the poor, and those who do not have the same opportunities that we have. We hustle to reach our peak for the people we are called to serve.


The importance of our GPS cannot be understated in anything and everything that we do in our lives. Genius, purpose, and service as separate entities cannot thrive without the other two – that’s why combined, they serve as our guide during times of uncertainty and doubt. The pandemic will continue to cast a dark cloud over us, but I’m confident that a constant practicing of your GPS will propel you to contribute and deliver breakthroughs for yourself, your team, and for the people you serve out there in the world.


Listening to different next level breakthroughs from the speakers made me realize that I need to push myself and my team further. Our collective goal is my inspiration to do more. It’s a bumpy path and while there are ups and downs, I know that we will achieve our goals in God’s perfect timing by being consistent, and trusting in Him through prayer.



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