THE FUTURE OF __________

Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #36

27 OCTOBER 2020

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Welcome to the Future of ______. That blank is whatever you want to achieve in all aspects of life and work. Throughout the next 100 days, you’ll learn how to have greater impact by honing your Genius, Purpose, and Service. You’ll learn to fall in love with problems instead of solutions by growing in empathy and compassion. You’ll learn how to successfully drive your own innovative breakthroughs and solutions. You’ll learn the importance of our community, that we can connect you to a diversity of peoples and teams for possible collaborations. Finally, you’ll learn the value of practice – that you can apply what you learn with our community in order to impact others. All in all, these practices will help you arrive at the future of ______. Whether it be the future of seeing with fresh eyes, working without borders, creating value and wealth, falling and staying in love, or fulfilling your greatest promise, the future that you want for yourself and for others can be manifested in Ignite’s community. 

Meet our community and tour the app, algorithms and calendar of 100+ community events that will power you and your teams to next level breakthroughs in 100 days.

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I am addicted to innovation. For me, innovation is like an unstoppable river – it flows not just in my work, but in everything I do and especially in everything I enjoy doing. It’s what allows me to find joy in the old and familiar while using fresh lenses. Innovation is the sincerest desire that my hands, eyes, mind, and heart will always strive for in order to find greater and deeper relevance. Relevance is the life force that allows me to continually renew the world, and be renewed by the world. Innovation is the capacity to stay relevant and it allows me to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with the human and societal problems I encounter as well as the people who suffer them. Innovation makes me happy; it makes me feel like I am part of the ongoing and everyday miracle of creation.

So, it is very much in this spirit of innovation and staying relevant and falling in love with problems that over the course of 100 days, we will meet many wonderful people, from all walks of life and of work and you’ll be surprised at how different we are from each other, yet in many ways connected. From each one of us, you will hear candid stories, that each in our own way is our deeply personal response to one of life’s most important questions right now, which I will pose to all of us today.

Andre Yap
Founder & CEO
Ignite House


Everyone has their own. What is mine? What are the most meaningful breakthroughs I want for myself and my teams in the next 3-6 months? Who among my stakeholders (customers, colleagues, workforce, partners, community, investors, etc) will benefit most if I break through? What is the impact of my breakthrough on them? How will their lives be better in meaningful ways because of my breakthrough?

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I think the beauty of Ignite is that you’re able to communicate with people outside of your own teams and companies. As I myself am an entrepreneur, I know that entrepreneurs are usually on their own and sometimes ideas and inflows of thoughts and information become limited to just yourself. It’s great to discuss problems with this community because people bring out different perspectives which means that you get a lot more ideas and insights at the end of the day.


Not every breakthrough will be successful – some will fail. But I realized that as long as you stay in love with your stakeholder, you’ll always be able to iterate your solutions. As long as you deeply care about their pains, you’ll never stop breaking through. 


It was great to hear the stories of people in our community, how they’ve evolved in the last 100 days. Their stories are a testament to the value and impact that Ignite delivers to the community in terms of practices, disciplines, and insights. 


The past 100 days have been rich with remarkable learning experiences. I’m looking forward to witnessing what we can all achieve in the next 100 days with our new members’ fresh insights and own experiences, while Ignite equips these new members with its own tools and principles.


Everyone of us has our own peaks. Our Next level Breakthrough is a way of telling myself that’s the better version of me. My journey is not just a journey of where I wanna go but a choice of who I want to be after my 100days of journey. 



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