Our Journey Towards
Peak Wholeness

Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #13


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Ari Verzosa

Mental Health Advocate & Entrepreneur


Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do?

These are life’s most important conversations.
They hold the keys to living our deepest truths
and so fulfilling our highest potential and greatest promise.

Together let us take an afternoon walk
and touch these truths through the lens and story of one of us
– a fellow human being journeying through the same questions.

Each week we feature a guest from yet another
walk of life, who opens up to us his or her journey.
Together then, we are active participants
and partners in this journey.

In so doing, week after week, we help each other take further steps
– they can be baby steps or they can be giant leaps forward –
in the lifelong journey to our peak selves.

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LISTEN to the pains and sufferings of others so one can be more empathetic and compassionate to others.


Your pains may lead you to help others heal their own pains. Manong Ari experienced the feeling of being alone and the difficulty of having a mental disorder. That’s why he is relentlessly helping other people who are experiencing the same. What’s his reason to continuously serve? He found his com-passion and purpose. If you still haven’t found your purpose, Ari says that, “a man’s purpose is always linked to SERVICE or serving other people.”


Those who are broken can help those who are also broken. Their brokenness may seem a weakness but in truth it is their strength.


The pains we want to solve in our lives come first, from a deeper understanding of our personal sense of empathy, compassion, and love. To love we need compassion, to be compassionate, we need to have empathy, and to have empathy we need to define the pains that speak to us the most.


How can love and compassion blossom from so much pain and suffering? It is mind boggling, yet because of the GPS stories we’re hearing, what doesn’t seem to make sense simply does. We are never alone. One’s pain is also someone else’s pain. Let us continue to share our painful journey, because it may be the lifeline to a silent scream.


Take care of yourself as you take care of other people. Find out what you are passionate about that gives happiness and adds purpose in your life.


Passion is a doorway for you to discover your purpose. It is by discovering your pains that you will know who you really care about. Either of these two will take you to your next level breakthrough and be of service to others.



As a community of practice, we learn from and with each other.
We’d love to hear your key takeaways too! 

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