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Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #33

14 OCTOBER 2020

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penny bongato

Author, Motivational Speaker, Canfield Certified Trainer


Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do?

These are life’s most important conversations.
They hold the keys to living our deepest truths
and so fulfilling our highest potential and greatest promise.

Together let us take an afternoon walk
and touch these truths through the lens and story of one of us
– a fellow human being journeying through the same questions.

Each week we feature a guest from yet another
walk of life, who opens up to us his or her journey.
Together then, we are active participants
and partners in this journey.

In so doing, week after week, we help each other take further steps
– they can be baby steps or they can be giant leaps forward –
in the lifelong journey to our peak selves.

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To whom much is given, much is expected. I need to remind myself better of the abundance of blessings and gifts I have, because I cannot let this abundance go to waste by not giving my all to serve others. 


To sum it up: never settle. Filipino resiliency has been so ingrained in us, to the point that we rarely ever ask for more of what we deserve anymore. In life, we will rarely ever get what we want unless we ask, so keep moving forward and never settle.


Abundance is my birthright. Give more to receive more, not the other way around. Be a good giver not a good getter. Dare to dream. Dare to ask for help.


I appreciate the grand scale of Penny’s vision, and approach on a deep and personal level. To solve the pain of the people around us, there is no shortcut. The painstaking method of connecting with one person-at-a-time in a profound manner is the way to go, if we want to achieve greater impact. Each person is unique, and significant to create a better world.


Never give up. Be a life-long learner. Be confident in yourself. Follow your GPS despite all the hardships that you experience in life. Your pains and challenges in life must never be a hindrance to help those who are in need of your service.


It is not just about you – success and fulfillment comes with service for others. Don’t stop working on yourself so that you can better share what you have to others. Going beyond what is expected from you will lead you to the better version of yourself.


Don’t limit yourself to the things you can do and don’t be afraid to take risks because that is how you grow as a person. You need to build up this belief in yourself that you can do anything.



As a community of practice, we learn from and with each other.
We’d love to hear your key takeaways too! 

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