Empowerment & Independence, Humility & Maturity

Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #37

28 OCTOBER 2020

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Sonnie Santos

Founder and President,
Learning and Organization Development Institute, Inc.


Who am I? Why am I here? What was I born to do?

These are life’s most important conversations.
They hold the keys to living our deepest truths
and so fulfilling our highest potential and greatest promise.

Together let us take an afternoon walk
and touch these truths through the lens and story of one of us
– a fellow human being journeying through the same questions.

Each week we feature a guest from yet another
walk of life, who opens up to us his or her journey.
Together then, we are active participants
and partners in this journey.

In so doing, week after week, we help each other take further steps
– they can be baby steps or they can be giant leaps forward –
in the lifelong journey to our peak selves.

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Each pain is unique, we cannot just label it. It can only be told through a story — a series of stories. And this story can only have a happy ending if we allow compassion to play an important role. Pain, difficulties, challenges are part of life. I recall what Ekhart Tolle said, “Life is not supposed to make us happy. It is supposed to challenge us.” The thought bubble that I have during today’s session in relation to this is, “what we do with that curveball that life throws at us is the catalyst for us to find deeper meaning and purpose, which is a sure path to happiness.”


We’re often told to put our best foot forward and capitalize on our key strengths. Similarly, we are taught not to focus on our weaknesses, and sometimes even ignore it. But, I firmly believe that it takes courage to admit one’s weaknesses. It’s a sign of humility and self-awareness. The beauty of humility and awareness is that it puts you in a position to learn and grow. This is the essence of professional humility.


The trials and tribulations that you went through before in your life will stick with you wherever you go, and those battles and learnings in life will strengthen you as a person.


Life will throw us challenges and pains, but they are powerful. They can be an instrument for you to set goals and move forward. It can also be a tool for you to break through and help other people that suffer the same pain as yours, just like what Sir Sonnie did.


“Nothing would ever take me away from all the wisdom that I got from all the battles I have experienced.” These were just a few of the words from Sir Sonnie that struck me. Living life with purpose is indeed not a walk in the park, but with a humble & resilient heart, we can transcend these pains and wholeheartedly serve others.


The wisdom and learning that we get from our experiences are key for us to reach our peak, but humility and kindness will lead us to making an impact on people.


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