The Science Behind Habits
and the Benefits of Yoga

Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #16


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Peak Performance starts with refocusing our energy away from the many factors that are out of our control and redirecting it instead towards daily practices that emphasize next-level growth and impact. Join Joana Alberto of Ignite House, together with Marilen Elizalde, a school teacher and 18 year yoga practitioner, as they weigh in on the science behind habits and the benefits behind practicing yoga.
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Top Insights From Our Guests

Top Insights
From Our Guests


The 3 main ingredients to developing a habit: Cue, Behavior & Reward


To be able to take care of the people around you, you need to take care first of yourself. And the simplest way to take care of yourself is to do the simple things that gives you joy such as exercise routines, “me” time, yoga, breathing, etc.


Rewards are not cheap. We literally need to crawl, push, or drag ourselves to do a new found practice every single day in order for behaviours to transform into habits. And this applies to both life and business. Pain is inevitable. Repetition is the antidote.


Practicing breathing relaxes our mind and body. As a person diagnosed with scoliosis, breathing as an exercise helps me to strengthen my lungs.


Practice makes progress. If you want to achieve something in work, health, and whatever, work on it every single day until you develop a habit. Having this mindset will also help motivate you.


A sound mind and a sound body are the prerequisites towards an individual’s authentic self. However, this is only a means to an end. The end will always be to serve others.


We’re still in lockdown. Virus is still there. It seems like the pandemic is never gonna end soon. We’re forced to be in a situation that we don’t want to be in. Pero kahit hirap kang bumangon sa umaga, just go with it, fight! Do your job. Meditate. Serve people. And then you’ll realize there are so many things that you could have missed out if you’ve chosen to just let the day pass.



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