Live, Laugh, Love

Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #26

5 OCTOBER 2020

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Peak Performance starts with refocusing our energy away from the many factors that are out of our control and redirecting it instead towards daily practices that emphasize next-level growth and impact. Join Joana Alberto of Ignite House, together with Bryson Bonsol, Happiness Teacher, as they weigh in on the science and stories behind laughter and happiness.

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We can’t let ourselves focus on the stigma of happiness that everyone seems to buy into. Happiness is not material wealth, happiness is not success or a good job, happiness is not having a lot of friends, happiness is whatever you make it to be. Thank you sir hehe.


Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Probably the most cliche quote ever, but we often take its truth for granted. Live well, and laugh often!


It’s okay not to be okay but it’s not okay not to do something to make yourself okay. Sometimes life disappoints us but it doesn’t mean that if you’re disappointed now, you’ll be disappointed forever. You have to plant more positive things in your mind and learn to let go and let God.


Choose to smile and be happier because worry will only make us fearful. Life is beautiful, so do not delay happiness. It’s not okay to be content with not being okay. We should start doing things that make us joyful and spread those good vibes to others.


Laughter helps me to become well, to become okay, and to face the day with a smile. I watched funny videos to relax and laugh before I sleep. Happiness starts with yourself so find ways that make you happy.


Imagination is everything. You need to train your mind to think of the positive things through visualization. Whenever you feel sad, always be reminded that you need to connect to the true source of happiness.


Joy. An antidote to mental health issues. And being joyful is a choice — but it takes practice. I can combine the two habits that our guest shared with us to have a happy life, full of faith and hope. Regular visualization of my dreams, and outcomes of what is to come, while being mindful of my emotions. I am in control. Choose joy! Choose positive outcomes!



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