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Highlights and Key Takeaways from GrowthLab #31

12 OCTOBER 2020

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Welcome to Big Peak Mondays, weekly deep-dives into the science and stories behind Peak Performance, Wholeness, and Wellness. In today’s session our host Joana Alberto, is joined by Engineer and Certified Yoga Therapist, Anya Arguelles. Together, they discuss the important role our hips play in connecting our lower and upper bodies and how stress can affect healthy hip flexors and muscles, leading to bad posture, pain, and anxiety. They also discuss how yoga can be used to combat the adverse effects of stress that drastically affect the health of our hips.

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I never realized how badly stress can affect your hips. I usually think my body in general is stiff because the stress hits my neck and my back, but it’s actually a result of not putting enough movement in my hips. I’m more aware to move my body around more, to stretch all parts of my body.


Yoga is not just an exercise for you to improve your physical health but it also helps in healing and exercising self-awareness. The essence of this is in mindfulness – if you’re able to be mindful of the things you’re doing, you will be surprised at what this can do to you.


Not all yoga exercises are suitable for everyone. Find a yoga exercise that will be suitable for you and to your condition, and observe the effects these exercises have on your body.


Yoga or mindfulness in general is not just an activity or exercise – it’s a way of life. As Anya mentioned, yoga is when you’re being mindful when you walk, when you cook, or even when you wash the dishes. Practicing mindfulness is not that difficult as it seems to be when you start integrating it with your daily life and your needs.



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